Catch That Fade Bruh

This blog has been, not only good to me, but good for me.  And I have one person to thank for this, and I will thank her for this later.  But now, it’s time to move forward from this.  Life is about progression, right?   Why!? Glad you asked… I was asked a couple weeks […]


For my birthday this year: all I want is to continue to grow and progress towards being the man I was born to be ✊🏾 I’m ready! Still listening. Still learning. “the sun shines on the King and sets on the Prince”

My Name’s On Her Lips

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
She’s got me in the morning She keeps me during the day She finds me in the night She doesn’t let me go away My name’s on her lips … She blows through the window She knocks at the door She crawls through the mouse hole She screams through the…


Dad: Hey! Miss you Dad! Of course I miss my father, but I’m also missing my best friend. I know you’re there, right there, but I haven’t been able to quite place you yet.  But I’m trying, and I am going to write you this letter and hope it reaches you…. Me and Mom have […]

Aint No Tomorrow Bihhh….

I’m going keep this one short and sweet because there “Aint No Tomorrow Bihhh.” I can’t spend all night on here… I have shit to do. ♦♦♦♦♦♦ This all started because some jackass/good friend of mine said “you sure do procrastinate a lot”. I mean, we were just talking about the gym but I felt […]

Does Anyone “No” Anything…

About me? “No.” I would have to say unfortunately, that no one really KNOWS me.  (which when you say it out loud or actually type it out, sounds a lot worse than it does in your head.)    Do you realize that all social media is, is a snapshot? A 10-15 second video clip? It […]