Pilot Talk

A very good friend of mine really hates Pilot episodes. She just refuses to watch them; for good reasons of course.  The whole purpose of a pilot is to test whether or not an idea is going to work, and see how it is going to be receipted by its audience. By nature they’re kinda awkward, kinda tentative, and kinda corny since there isn’t much relationship between you and the characters yet.  I don’t think they’re all that bad, but she does, and we don’t watch them (together at least).

With all that being said however, I had to name my first post “Pilot Talk” for all those very reasons.  This first post is going to feel very awkward, tentative and kinda corny (to me at least), because you don’t know me and I don’t know yall yet. This probably won’t be very good, but give my “show” a chance; even Seinfeld started from a Pilot.

Anyway, a lot of what you’ll see on this page is me fulfilling one of my biggest hobbies in life, sport blogging; with a few life experiences and knowledge sharing opportunities peppered in here from time to time.  I have a lot of opinions that no one probably really cares about, but I have to get them off my chest somehow, right?


I have just figured out that life is too short to not do what you love.   I didn’t grow to be the 6’4 All-Star Athlete that the homie Ashley Hodges promised me in 7th at Stephen Decatur, but that didn’t kill my passion and obsession over sports, nor does it stop me from working within that industry. If not for a living, I can at least do this as a hobby, and a way to get away from the real world and escape adulthood and responsibilities for a little while.

I could probably sit here all night and go on and on about how great I think I am and how many hours a week I spend watching League Pass a week (way too much), but I don’t think I want my Pilot to go down that way.  I’m just going to list a couple of facts about me just FYI, and let you get on your way.

  • I am a 27 year old bro from the DMV.
  • I am an Accountant, and have a really nice 10 key (pictures to come). So as you can probably tell already, I am WAAAY better with numbers, than I am words.
  • There is nothing better to me in life than a pretty lady and a shot of whiskey.
  • I’ve watched the How I Met Your Mother Full Series from Season 1 – 9 in its entirety at least 6 times
  • I have a ton of friends and family that I will be habitually be referring to throughout all my post like yall already know each other. I like my friends 🙂


I literally don’t think I can talk about myself anymore right now, so I’ll leave it to these few random facts about me, and wrap it up.   I’m sure I’ll be here for a little while without many viewers and commenters, practically talking to myself, but that’ll just give me time to perfect my craft before it really counts.  I can already tell writing is going to be harder than I thought, but I’m not going to give up just yet… This ought to be fun!


Welcome to #bunchetalk


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