Sax on the First Date!

If you don’t sax on the first date, than you’re not the girl for me; bottom line!

What can I say? I just enjoy me a lady who enjoys herself a nice sax! *heart eye emoji*


This is going to be a quick post.  I just came from my second Jazz Concert (shout-out to The Birchmere) and just wanted to release some of this excitement to the world… plus I told you guys in Pilot Talk that you’d get a couple saxophone posts; so here you are!

I’m no Jazz historian or connoisseur by any means, but I love me some Smooth Jazz.  I’m mostly a nut for the saxophone, but I enjoy all genres of Jazz that I’ve come across thus far really.  I’ve only started listening about a year and a half now, so there is still a lot out there for me to discover! 😀

I’m still a noob to this Jazz stuff, but my three early favorites are Boney James, Kenny G & Euge Groove; two of which I’ve already seen in concert.  Boney last year, and Mr. Groove this past weekend…. Kenny you’re next! I’ve had two amazing experiences watching two amazing saxophonist throw it down, and cannot wait until the next one!


But anyway, that’s enough out of me… I really just wanted to share these two videos with you guys. Enjoy:

Boney James – Sweet Thing:

Euge Groove:

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