Less Facebook, More Facetime

To start: FUCK YOU 2016!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, we can get to it…


A LOT happened in 366 days last year; A LOT.   I started the year off with a bench warrant out for my arrest (long story), had my credit card hacked twice, got my lil heart broken for the first time in my adult life (another long story), lost an aunt on Christmas Day (RIP Aunt Beverly) & also lost my Best Friend and the only man I’ve ever looked up to, my Father. Won’t get into that here, we’ll be here all day, but for any readers unfamiliar, you can read my “Dance Like My Father” post from August 26th.

2016 is a year that will never leave me, and it has challenged me and caused me to search for understanding, growth and relationships like I never have before.  But with all tragedy and hardship that took place last year, it is important for me to remember all the amazing things that happened as well.  Matter of fact, if my Dad was still here today, 2016 would have easily swung from the absolute worst year, to the absolute best year of my life…  That’s how many great things happened!


I’ll try to keep this list to just the major highlights and refrain mentioning the little things like that new scotch I discovered on April 23rd:

  • Okay, I lied. I am going to talk about that scotch! It’s called Balvenie, and it’s amazing! If you’re any kind of a scotch drinker you must try it… YOUR WELCOME!
  • I Went to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX for my first ever Wrestlemania. One Word: DOPE!
  • Finally got out the country for the first time. Went to the Dominican to see one of my very best friend’s get married. Shout out to Mariam & Mike!
  • Nimo got her CPA! (It’s my turn now I guess…..)
  • Another one of my best friends bought her first house. Shout out to Patrice!
  • Another one of my best friends had her first child, aka my new BFF Jace. Shout out to Patty G!
  • Another good friend of mine got engaged this year. Shout out to O’Ryan!
  • I got a promotion and a 5 figure raise at work this year, an additional 4 figure bonus (nice to see all that work finally pay off)
  • And I had countless other friends and family get new job opportunities, started new relationships or ditch toxic ones, graduate with their first, second or third degree and/or just kept it pushing in 2016.


So, as you see there was a lot of good that happened in 2016 as well…. But I left off the most important blessing that I received. That blessing is FRIENDS!  I’m telling yall now… my friends are and have been incredible to me.  There is no way that I could have survived the second half of the year without them.


I’ve always known I’ve had some pretty amazing friends, and more than an abundance of support, but when I needed it most, they sure didn’t prove me wrong.  I got support and love from not only the people I expected the love and support from, but received it from some not so expected friends as well; and that means the world.  To all of you out there… I am eternally grateful and don’t know where I’d be without you! I LOVE YOU GUYS!


I’ll conclude with this:

For the first time in at least 10 years, I wrote down my New Year Resolutions.  The list is about 13/14 items long, which is going to make for a busy year, but I’m here for it. Of those 13/14 items, there is only one I wish to share with the public.  And that one is “Less Facebook, More Facetime.”  And what that simply means to me is that in 2017, I want to be less a prisoner to my iPhone and all social media accounts, and more a prisoner of the moment and continue to capture these memories with all my loved ones.  The last thing someone can take from you are your memories, and I’ll be damned if I miss out on any more scrolling through my twitter and Instagram timelines.


“There is a lot of content online that you can get lost in, but you can find yourself with the content of real life.”


Whether your 2016 sucked, was great or indifferent, I hope your 2017 is even better… CHEERS!


2 thoughts on “Less Facebook, More Facetime

  1. to say I am proud of you wouldn’t do the feeling justice. But that’s all I have for right now so , I am SO proud of you. SO thankful to be able to call you friend!


  2. Read this and got excited to leave a comment … again haha 🙂 ugh I hope your list is shrinking meaning you’re accomplishing thangs but also hope they’re being replaced with new goals and dreams!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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