Super Bowl LI

Superbowl LI: The New England Patriots vs. The Atlanta Falcons.  Should be a fast pace and exciting game.

But I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m probably not even going to watch the game tonight. Not really in the mood for football today. I’ll catch the highlights Monday and the commercials on youtube. Don’t judge me….


The contrast between the two teams is what makes this such an interesting matchup to me.  On one hand, you have the fast paced, explosive juggernauts from Atlanta.  And on the other hand, you have the steady Machine that knows how to, and ALWAYS wins.


You know what you’re getting out of the Patriots every time they lace up their boots and put those silver helmets on… Not always so with the Falcons.  They’re not always as well-oiled as their Super Bowl LI counterparts from New England.  Their ceiling may be much higher than New England’s, but they also have a much lower floor.  There is a much bigger delta between Good Atlanta and Bad Atlanta, leaving much more room for error and a loss, than in New England.  Even if New England doesn’t play a perfect game, they’re still going to put up a good challenge to the NFC Champions today.


What I am saying is: New England is the safe pick. Atlanta, is the gutsy/risky pick.

Why I am saying it: I have two job offers on the table to decide on, that have similar contrast.     


Keeping in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday (and the fact that I just don’t want to give you guys actual company names), I have received one offer from The New England Patriots, and other from the Atlanta Falcons.


Company A (The New England Patriots) is a bigger firm, more established with steady work environment and has better benefits.  The feeling I get from the Patriots here is that the work day is going to be relatively stress free and effective as long as I focus on getting my job done.  Company B (The Atlanta Falcons) is a little less structured and there is a little more risk  associated with the job when it comes to things such as hours worked, fluctuating salary and job descriptions; resulting in a little more stress in the office.  Lower floor in Atlanta offer and more of a chance of having poor experience here, but there is also a higher ceiling associated as well.  More chance for professional and career growth, and unlike the offer from the Patriots, there is potential for annual bonuses and additional compensation based on personal and company performance.


“Safe Money aint Great Money.”  Any gambler knows the big bucks is with putting your money on the risk bet.  But are you a gambler? Am I??


Do you attract more to guaranteed returns with low chances of failure, or are you a gambler and attracted to the risk?


Do you like the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons?


I already know where my mind is and what I want to do but I wonder what the NFL thinks I should do!?



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