Aint No Tomorrow Bihhh….

I’m going keep this one short and sweet because there “Aint No Tomorrow Bihhh.” I can’t spend all night on here… I have shit to do.


This all started because some jackass/good friend of mine said “you sure do procrastinate a lot”.


I mean, we were just talking about the gym but I felt like my whole life was being ostracized and judged… right in the middle of MadHatters. You know what it feels like to have your life questioned on a Tuesday night in the middle of DuPont? It’s not really the most secure feeling to have in the world.

But that’s kinda beside the point

Chambers was right… I DO procrastinate a hell of a lot.  I say I’m going to do a lot, but I’ve been all bark lately.  It’s like I settle for putting things on my To-Do List, but don’t actually To-Do anything.


Long story short, it’s time to start biting back. 

I think I’ve been overextending myself and not focusing on what’s really important.  I’ve been saying I’m going to get back in the gym, start dating, stop bullying my sister, go back to church and 100 other things over the past year and a half, and haven’t done a damn thing yet.  I’ve been all talk.

That needs to change:

Not next month.

Not next week.

“Aint No tomorrow Bihhh”

Today Bihhh!


To wrap this up:

I need to focus.  I need to focus. I need to focus.  Continuing on from my “Less Facebook, More Facetime” theme, it’s time to put up or shut up.

I have a short list of people I NEED to keep close, but unfortunately this means I’m going to have to start loving a lot of my amazing friends from a little bit of distance for a little while.   I still love them all, but it’s time for a brotha to go to work.  But I will be back; I promise 😉


Tomorrow isn’t promised.  So putting things off on my To Do Lists until Tomorrow has been a really risky idea. 


Hopefully next time you hear from me, it’ll be about something I’ve finally To-Done.

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