Hey! Miss you Dad! Of course I miss my father, but I’m also missing my best friend.

I know you’re there, right there, but I haven’t been able to quite place you yet.  But I’m trying, and I am going to write you this letter and hope it reaches you….

Me and Mom have been spending a lot of time together.  But you’ve always called me a Mama’s boy so I’m sure you’re not surprised about that…  Of course she’s having trouble adjusting, but I promise you I won’t leave her fend for herself.  You took care of her for the past 30+ years; I’ll take these next 30.  Deal?

But on a brighter note, I know you saw CJ get married… Shardae is amazing, isn’t she!? I know you loved her too.  They’re also expecting a kid now. We’re pretty sure it’s a boy.  Khrys keeps calling him CJJ, in hopes they name him CJ Jr…

Which, speaking of the devil… your daughter is doing really well too. She’s really putting a lot of her time and energy into this dog psychology business and I couldn’t be any more proud as a big brother.  She’s killing it Pop! Her and Mike seem to really be hitting it off too.  And don’t worry, me and CJ already G checked him…. He’s good peoples.  He’s really been there for Khrys and helping her take her life to the next level… I like the kid… but won’t tell him that yet.

Everyone else is doing well too. And as far as me…. I think I found a girl I actually like.  But we’ll talk about that one later 😊


Anyway, I’ll let you go now. We all miss you Dad! Love ya!


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