Catch That Fade Bruh

This blog has been, not only good to me, but good for me.  And I have one person to thank for this, and I will thank her for this later.  But now, it’s time to move forward from this.  Life is about progression, right?



Glad you asked…

I was asked a couple weeks ago about how I was dealing with everything, and I subconsciously answered “yeah, I’m good.” Which; yeah I’m cool, but I then came home and wrote 500 words about “What I Should Have Said.”

Cool, I had a decent post locked, loaded and ready for submission, but didn’t pull the trigger.  Somewhere between clicking publish and sipping my tea, I decided I was uncomfortable with how quickly I turned away from having an actual conversation with a person, and ran to this blog.   Still a big improvement from this time last year, but I also quickly realized I don’t want to get stuck using this as a hiding grounds from opening up to actual people and having real conversation.

So with that said… that’s what I’ve identified as my next opportunity for growth: Not hiding behind these posts, but opening up to those people I need to open up to in order to keep growing to be the man I’m supposed to be 😉


The path isn’t going to pave itself.


Final Thought:

I stopped drinking 3 months ago.  I was completely dry for the first two months, and am very limited now.  But I stopped because I realized I was using it to run away from something that I was tired of running from.


The last month particularly has been a little rough, but worth it. Growth isn’t supposed to be easy.

These last 3 months I have realized that, standing up to your fears is a lot better idea than running from them.  You may run faster than your demons, but your demons are a hell of a lot more conditioned than you are, and they WILL eventually catch up to your ass.

Ask yourself: Would you rather fight your demons when you’re fatigued from running, or would you rather square up and fight those demons while you still have the stamina to stand up for yourself and fight back?

Catch that fade bruh… you’ll thank yourself later.




Thanks for reading ✌🏾

One thought on “Catch That Fade Bruh

  1. !!!! Top notch sir. Self realization is extremely important and is a GREAT accomplishment in self-growth! Super proud of you and excited to see where you’re off to next. Don’t hide behind the screen, but don’t stop posting either. =) Walk by faith my friend.

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